After spending months on the island of Puerto Rico ( a US Territory) helping locals recover from Hurricane Maria, the GenServ team is committed to improving the future of Puerto Rico and other communities worldwide. The unique team at GenServ has the ability to adapt to changing circumstances while focusing on customer satisfaction.


 Dennis Reed, President, and CEO of GenServ, Inc. has been a leader in emergency management for years. When Hurricane Maria hit the coast of Puerto Rico, Dennis and his team were there.  After completing the mission, Dennis and the board decided to move their headquarters to Puerto Rico. GenServ also has an office in Wilmington, North Carolina. GenServ can assist you with all your generator connections, service, preventative maintenance, and repairs before, during, and after a disaster.  Our management team specializes in the setup and overall management of disaster field offices, power yards, and temporary housing camps.  Our software, which has been developed over many years, tracks personnel, assets, expenses, and is customizable to each client.

          The Corporation is not a non-profit; however, after many natural disasters, Dennis and the GenServ team have volunteered time, equipment, and man-hours to assist citizens in their recovery.  The philosophy of having compassion for your fellow citizens and assisting where you can is Dennis's strong belief.  GenServ is strongly committed to serving our country and its citizens.


Dennis Reed, President/CEO

GenServ, Inc.