The GenServ Team

Dennis Reed, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GenServ, Inc. leads the company’s operations with responsibility for business in the United States, Puerto Rico, and other US territories.  Reed strategizes to expand the company’s capabilities, performance and provide client satisfaction is his top priority.  Before GenServ, Inc. Reed worked in the disaster response industry for years managing personnel, equipment, logistics, camp setup and management, recruiting, and overall storm response activities in the US.

Dean Byrd, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of GenServ, Inc., manages the company’s finances, contracts, cost analysis and is responsible for overseeing the budget.  His expertise, leadership skills, and vision are greatly utilized to ensure the company's short-term and long-term growth. Byrd focuses on increasing company capabilities, leveraging the best practices, and cost-effective solutions for the Company and its clients.  Byrd has developed systems and software to increase overall company productivity in the field and client satisfaction.  Byrd previously worked in the disaster management industry for years, managing finances, field personnel, asset tracking, and logistics. 

Debbie Reed, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of GenServ, Inc. manages the daily operations of the office, personnel, contractors, field staff, storm response logistics, and accounting oversight. She utilizes her experience and organizational skills to ensure the company’s day to day operations provide client satisfaction, as well as a prompt and efficient response to any disaster.  She previously worked in the emergency management field, disaster response industry, and previous small business owner.

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